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Savage’s 110 Tactical Rifle Line Goes AccuStock

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Savage adds another element of accuracy to its 110 Tactical Rifle line.

Ready to go the distance:

The problem with so-called economy precision rifles, they aren't all that economical. Costing a good bit of coin, it's not uncommon for these tack-drivers to push well above the $1,000 mark, even flirt with $2,000 if a shooter goes the whole hog for all the bells and whistles. Generally, they are often worth the investment for the die-hard long-range fanatic. The everyday shooter with a yen for trying his hand at going the distance, he's left out in the cold.

Though not the sole driving factor in these rifles' price tags, the guns' stocks tend to inflate their costs. Precision designed for rigidity and customization, chassis and precision stocks do a bang-up job getting rifles on target, but can put the firearms out of reach of ordinary marksmen. However, Savage Arms has done its part to make precision a bit more affordable.

Earlier this year, the gunmaker unveiled its rather ingenious AccuFit Stock system and recently added it to its 110 Tactical rifle line. It should prove a match made in heaven, given the rifles come in top long-range calibers and boast many of the features shooters look for when going the distance. Best of all, the 110 Tactical line is highly affordable, with an MSRP of $769 to $789 depending on the model.

The newly revamped precision platforms include the 110 Tactical, 110 Tactical LH (left hand) and 110 Tactical Desert, which are available in three chamberings — 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Win. The AccuFit system itself consists of four spacers to adjust the length of pull and five cheek pieces to raise and lower the comb height. Creating a perfect fit, the stock system ensures shooters have a rifle with the dimensions tailored to their body, making a stable shooting platform second-nature trigger pull to trigger pull. Furthermore, the stock has a rigid rail system firmly embedded throughout the fore-end of the rifle. Rather than uni-directionally engaging the action at one or two points, it engages the action along its entire length.

Common now to nearly all Savage rifles, the 110 Tactical line also features the company's AccuTrigger, an adjustable fire control, which allows users to dial the pull weight between 1.5 to 6 pounds. Additionally, the rifles come outfitted with a number of other features certain to help shooters get on target, including a threaded heavy barrel (20, 24, 26 inches) with an end cap, 20 MOA EGW rail and tactical over-sized bolt handle.

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