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Retired California Law Enforcement Officers Want to Keep Their Rifles

Over the last decade, California law enforcement agencies have allowed their officers to purchase their own rifles for on-duty use. Many of these rifles are considered “assault weapons” under California’s draconian gun laws, and therefore cannot be purchased or owned by civilians.

Additionally, these officers have been forced to turn in their rifles once they retire.

As reported by the Associated Press, “A lobbying group in California says it will pursue legislation [in 2012] that would allow police officers to keep assault weapons after they retire … the Peace Officers Research Association of California, which represents rank-and-file personnel, is reacting to an opinion issued last year by the state attorney general's office. It states that officers must turn in their weapons when they leave law enforcement work.”

“Over 7,600 officers have bought such firearms since the California began allowing the practice 10 years ago. The association's president, Ron Cottingham says that the attorney general's opinion punishes retiring officers who bought their own weapons while they were employed.”

Source:  Associated Press

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