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Pike County, Illinois: Constitutional Carry Could be on The Spring Ballot

Pike County Illinois forced to consider Constitutional Carry.

In Pike County, Illinois, Dan Mefford, a chiropractor from Pittsfield, has begun a movement to get a constitutional carry referendum on the election ballot for March of 2012.  If successful, such a ballot referendum, “could lead to the state being forced to recognize this right as well, and to expand it to include the rest of Illinois,” Gather, a community-based news website, has reported.

Illinois, of course, is the only state which prohibits any sort of carry, concealed or otherwise, by its citizens.

“What we're doing is making a statement…we want to put it in front of the people and let people speak,” said Medford.  “The time has come to stand up and be counted instead of imploring and begging and pleading with our Chicago Machine Rulers to pass a concealed carry law…”

Time and again, citizens and their representatives from many parts of Illinois have tried to make concealed carry legal in Illinois.   Law enforcement has also supported it.  All for naught.  Whenever the issue has come up in the State Legislature, Democratic politicians from Chicago have invariably killed those efforts.

Source:  Gather, 8/27/11

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