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New Gun: Daniel Defense Goes Small With DDM4V7 P

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Daniel Defense goes small in a big way with the release of the extensive DDM4V7 P AR-15 pistol line.

What's the big deal with these new little DDM4V7 P AR pistols?

The carbine is short, shout and able to dish out hurt even in quarters close enough to give a straightjacket the willies. But is it as good as it gets when it comes to maneuverable rifle-caliber guns, simple as pocket change to tote along?

For the longest time, yes, it was.

Outside of the odd custom job, if a shooter wanted rifle power in a portable package, the carbine was the way to go. But old Mother Necessity found a way to cater to the select groups who demanded greater compactness than the age-old configuration offered. All the while, skirting those nasty NFA regulations.

It comes as little surprise the answer lay in the gun of a thousand faces — the AR-15. Tinkers and smithies banged together pistol varieties of the platform until the market could no longer ignore the mighty mites of the black-rifle world. Now, it seems, there isn’t a maker worth his salt who doesn’t have at least one pistol model or, at the bare minimum, has flirted with the idea.

Daniel Defense has had dalliances with the design and is again going small in 2018 with the introduction of the DDM4V7 P. Based on the DDM4V7 rifle (the first gun from the company to utilize M-Lok technology), the pistol variation has all the makings of a top-notch truck, backpack or supremely agile home defense option.

Daniel Defense is offering seven variations of the DDM4V7 P, in both 5.56 NATO and 300 Blackout. And while there are some superficial differences between most of the models, at heart they are configured the same, including their defining feature — the pistol brace.

In this case, the company has turned to aftermarket specialist SB Tactical for the anchor point. And true to the pistol line’s ethos, Daniel Defense opted for one of the most unobtrusive options — the SOB Brace. This particular model is found on a number of other commercial builds, earning favor with its lightweight and slight width.

The DDM4V7 P itself has the identical 7075-T6 aluminum upper and lower receivers, M4 feed ramp, ambidextrous safety selector and flared magazine well as the rifle series. Additionally, and as expected, the pistols also boast M-Lok handguards — Daniel Defense’s CNC-machined MFR 9.0. The accessory attachment system offers mount points over its entire length of the handguard and at all but the 12 o’clock position. That’s where the full-length rail takes over, ready for the shooter’s choice of optics.

The DDM4V7 P’s barrel is where it parts paths with its rifle brethren, sporting a compact 10-inch cold hammer-forged tube. The chrome-moly-vanadium steel barrel has a S2W profile, is chrome lined and has an 1:7 twist for 5.56 models and 1:8 for 300 BLK. The whole affair is topped off with Daniel Defense’s flash suppressor.

While many of the DDM4V7 P variations are twins separated only by finish, there is a notable exception. The Law Tactical models have the added benefit of a folding stock courtesy of, you guessed it, a Law Tactical Folding Stock Adaptor. The system retains the buffer assembly and allows it to swing to the left, downsizing the pistol substantially while retaining access to the trigger.

While the overall AR market (for the moment anyway) has moderated, Daniel Defense still resides at the upper end of the price range. Depending on the variation, the DDM4V7 P models run from $1,679 to $2,110.

Nobody ever claimed small meant cheap.


Caliber: 5.56 NATO; 300 BLK
Barrel Material: Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel
Barrel Type: Cold Hammer Forged
Barrel Profile: S2W
Rifling Twist: 1:7 in 5.56; 1:8 in 300 BLK
Muzzle Device: DD Improved Flash Suppressor
Overall Length: 28 5/8”
Weight (unloaded): 5.4 lbs
Rail System: MFR 9.0

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