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New Gear: Blackhawk Fall Clothing Line

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With concealed carry and tactical operation in mind, Blackhawk has released a comprehensive clothing line perfect for going armed efficiently.

When experts talk about concealed carry, they often modify it with the word “lifestyle.” This isn’t just some catchy phrase to make people feel good about going armed. Instead, it’s shorthand for what happens when a citizen chooses to carry a firearm for personal defense.

This decision affects every facet of an individual’s life, from mindset to routine, and even clothing. That last point is often overlooked, but, thankfully, the days of just buying a size larger in pants and calling it good are on their way out. More and more companies are coming up with clothing literally tailored for concealed carry.

Among their ranks is Blackhawk, which recently released its new Fall Apparel line at the 2017 National Rifle Association Annual Meetings and Exhibits. The line features eight clothing styles, including pants, shirts and jackets, each configured to more comfortably and effectively carry concealed.

“We are excited about the extensions to the apparel line for Fall 2017 season,” said Jamie Lindberg, Blackhawk Senior Manager of Apparel Merchandising. “We feel confident we have a comprehensive line that really aligns with our consumer expectations of performance and quality, as well as brings a modern design aesthetic to the market.”

Blackhawk’s Perfect Shirt collection might be the most practical additions of the lot. The three new tops — Purpose Shirt, Precision Shirt and Cool React Polo — are each constructed from fabrics that resist printing. On top of that, they are breathable, making carrying on hot days that much more comfortable.

The company is also offering three new styles of pants — Shield, Pursuit and Tac Life — as well as Pursuit shorts. Each has double front belt loops, providing greater support and less chance of a carry rig sagging. And each is constructed from tear and stain-resistant fabric. To boot, the pants all come with a number of clandestine pockets for easy carry of other gear, and including model specific knife pocket, mag pouch in the cargo pocket and hidden waistband pocket.

The Field, Tac Life and Tactical Softshell jackets are equally as handy. While the Field Jacket is bit more of a traditional style, Blackhawk has outfitted the Tac Life and Tactical Softshell with a number of hidden pockets, to keep vital gear under wraps.

Blackhawk’s clothing line runs from $49.99 to $209.99 depending on the article and features.

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