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Modern Shooter: Scoring Big In Competitive Pistol Shooting

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Modern Shooter gets competitive pistol shooting tips from legendary pro Mark Redl.

Does your shooting have game? There’s a simple way to find out, competitive pistol matches.

True-to-life courses and the high-stress to succeed, the competition pushes shooters to their limits and asks for more. While pro’s such as Mark Redl make it look like a stroll in the park, when the safety is off and the pressure is on most find it’s anything but. Of course, the Aguila Ammunition-sponsored shooter — self-taught for the most part — has spent decades honing his craft to collect a trophy-room full of championships.

The Modern Shooter crew catches up with the sharp shot in this week’s episode and do more than marvel at Redl’s game-winning practical marksmanship. They get down and dirty, running the courses and try their hand at besting the champ. Note, they “try.” While none can get the upper hand on Redl, through his deft coaching they find out the secrets of scoring big when running and gunning.

While it might sound counterintuitive, putting two on target is possibly the easy part of a shooting competition. Forethought, transition, reloads and safety — these are all essential to a top performance and, if executed imprecisely, are wet sandbags weighing one down. Sharpen up those aspects and you’ll run a course like a pro. Luckily, Redl gives the crew and you the tips you need to take the next step in the competitive game.

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