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Heckler & Koch Introduces Made-For-Carry P30SK

Heckler & Koch has introduced a new hammer-fired subcompact, the P30SK.
Heckler & Koch has introduced a new hammer-fired subcompact, the P30SK.

Utter polymer frame and one thing is almost certain to come to mind — striker fired.

There is an obvious reason for this inevitable cognitive leap. The material and firing system have become as pervasive in pistol design as hollow promises are at political rallies.

The features, while dominating the landscape, aren’t attached at the hip. A shooter need not look further than Heckler & Koch to find examples of where the two part ways — for the most part.

The German manufacturer has swum against the current with polymer-framed, hammer-fired pistols overwhelmingly ruling its catalog's pages. It is a formula Heckler & Koch doesn’t appear set to abandon anytime soon.

The company continued to expand its roster of handguns with these design features with the addition of the P30SK. The 9mm is the third in the P30 series — introduced in 2006 — and is an attempt to provide a more concealable pistol in the line.

The new subcompact has the same width as the older iterations of the pistol, but is shorter in overall length and has a lower profile.

Perhaps the most pronounced tale of the tape is the near inch H&K has shaved off the height of the P30SK compared to the P30 (the Mama-Bear model) making it less likely to print when concealed. The pistol is also nearly 3-ounces lighter than the P30, tipping the scales at 23.99 ounces.

Like earlier variations, the P30SK offers shooters a number of intriguing features to match their shooting preferences. One of the more unique to Heckler & Koch is the ability to choose the trigger mechanism — double-action only or double-action/single-action.

The DA/SA model has been reported as having an 11.5-pound pull in double-action that then reduces to 4.5 pounds in single action. The double-action only, what the company calls its “Law Enforcement Modification,” has a snappy 5.4-pound pull each time the trigger is depressed.

Like the rest of the P30 line, Heckler & Koch’s new P30SK comes with the choice of two trigger mechanisms — double-action only or double-action/single-action.

The two trigger variants also have different hammer configurations. The DAO model is bobbed hammer, while the DA/SA has a spur.

The DA/SA model is available with or without an ambidextrous manual safety, but in either case it comes outfitted with a serrated decocking lever at the rear of the frame.

Like the rest of the line, the P30SK has changeable backstraps and grip panels allowing shooters the ability to modify the pistol to their hand size. The handgun also features ambidextrous controls, including dual slide and magazine release levers.

The pistol follows the rest of the line with an automatic hammer safety and firing-pin safety. And it is outfitted with a Picatinny rail for the easy addition of accessories.

The gun has an MSRP of $719.

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