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GunWalker: ATF Retaliates Against Whistleblower Agents

ATF retaliates against its own agents.

“ATF served Special Agent Vince Cefalu with termination paperwork today.”

That's the word from Jay Dobyns, himself a subject of Bureau retaliation, in a post on CleanUpATF.

Gun Rights Examiner reported on Cefalu in May of last year — He was the agent assigned to do nothing because he came forward to complain about ATF mismanagement.

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From Dobyns post:

What they have done is disguised reprisal and retaliation as something else to fire him…ATF has done everything within their power to break this agent. They have been proactive in the destruction of his reputation, killed his career, ruined his personal finances and have had emmense negative influence on his personal relationships and family members. Why? Because he didn't go along to get along. He didn't shut his mouth when ordered to. He didn't sit back like a coward when he saw things being done wrong, unethically and illegally. Now they are proposing to take the last thing they still have control over but, have yet to act on, his job.

I will say this from personal experience; Vince will stand in the path of a bullet for any good person and do so knowing the personal consequence could be grave but, at the same time being true to his character which is to stand up for people who can't or won't stand up for themselves. I have seen him do it on more than one occasion. And, when I say “bullet” I mean a projectile, AND, all the other various means and methods of attack that could be characterized as a bullet.

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Source: Gun Rights Examiner

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