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Chicago Police Applaud Armed Self-Defense

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And so was his companion. Since the people who defended their lives with a handgun were what National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea might call “Only Ones,” it was politically safe even for high-ranking “exempt” members of the Chicago and Markham police departments to praise their courage and decisiveness, and no one felt obligated to make the standard political statements that always seem to follow any incident where a plain old citizen defends herself from a robber, a rapist, murderer or mugger:

Clearly, all available evidence indicates that the defenders in this case did the right thing. Once you're outnumbered and under deadly attack in some dark backyard, it's a little late to call the cavalry for help.

In fact, the case was considered so straightforward that Chicago detectives questioned the shooter, the Cook County State's Attorney's office declared the shooting justified, and the Markham Police Department is already talking about how soon the shooter can return to work–all in the same day.

All that is appropriate; the shooter earned his congratulations and his hassle-free trip through the legal process by responding with alacrity and precision to a lethal attack.  Chicago police are being exhorted to “be warriors” by their bosses, and that's what this Markham officer apparently did. Everybody won in this situation, in short, except the people who failed so spectacularly at victim selection.

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Source: Chicago Gun Rights Examiner


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