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Anti Gun-Show Bill in US Senate

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Senate Bill 843, sponsored by a number of well known gun control advocates, attempts to achieve its goals by dismantling the accessibility and responsible execution of gun shows all together.

As one can only expect, much of the bill goes too far in restricting the lawful promotion of any show. Similar to Amendment 22 here in Colorado, the bill will require background checks on individuals who purchase or transfer a firearm at a show. But the bill goes further, seemingly in design to disrupt the entire process of attending or organizing a show.

Among the requirements outlined in the bill is the mandatory registration of all gun show promoters, and vendors.

A vendor is identified in the bill in the following way: “The term ‘gun show vendor’ means any person who exhibits, sells, offers for sale, transfers, or exchanges one or more firearms at the gun show, regardless of whether or not that person arranges with the gun show promoter for a fixed location from which to exhibit, sell, offer for sale, transfer or exchange one or more firearms.” Essentially, if you attend the gun show, with a firearm of your own, you are viewed as a vendor and will be required to sign a ledger, and submit your valid ID for registration.

As pointed out by “the Firearms Coalition of Colorado,” this is basically de facto gun owner registration. Read more

Source: Jefferson County Conservative Examiner

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