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ATF Won’t Say If They Have Warrants

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Dewey Webb, special agent in charge of ATF’s Houston Field Division, told that ATF agents are visiting homes in the Houston area in connection with weapons that have been identified as being used by the drug cartels in Mexico.

“Under ATF’s Project Gunrunner program and the Gun Runner Impact Teams or GRIT, ATF has identified several weapons of choice used by the drug trafficking organizations to outfit their criminal enterprises in Mexico,” Webb told

Webb explained how the program works saying that weapons that are traced back to certain U.S. purchasers trigger leads for agents to check out.

“When a firearm is recovered that has been used in a crime in Mexico, ATF through its eTrace system can often trace that weapon back to its original purchaser,” Webb told

“ATF agents, vigilant yet ever respectful of the rights of law abiding gun owner, will then initiate contact with those original purchasers,” he added. “Those contacts generally lead to either confirmation of a legitimate purchase or could reveal additional indicators that may suggest a firearm trafficking scheme.” Read more


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