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ATF and NSSF in Lockstep on Illegal Sales

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The program, called “Don't Lie for the Other Guy,” was developed to raise public awareness that it is a serious crime to purchase a firearm for someone who cannot legally do so or for someone who does not otherwise want his or her name associated with the purchase. The campaign, which is also designed to educate firearms retailers on how to better detect and deter potential straw purchases, was slated to visit the Valley last year, but due to inclement weather the launch was postponed.

This campaign, which has been enhanced to better focus on firearm purchasers, drives home the message that anyone attempting an illegal firearm purchase faces a stiff federal penalty: Buy a gun for someone who can't and buy yourself 10 years in jail.

Special Agent in Charge Dewey Webb of the ATF Houston Field Division said, “The straw purchase of firearms is the first step in illegal firearms trafficking and the first step towards a prison cell. If you illegally purchase a firearm as part of a straw purchase scheme, you are just as responsible as the person who uses that firearm in a crime. ATF will strictly enforce the federal firearms laws to stop and prevent guns from getting into the hands of criminals.”

Residents and visitors to the Rio Grande Valley will hear the campaign's strong message via radio and television public service announcements (PSA) over the next month.

NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Lawrence G. Keane said, “This program has been welcomed by firearms retailers as a valuable educational tool to better enable them to spot would-be straw purchasers and prevent illegal straw purchases. Our goal in reaching out to the public is to warn them that they would be committing a serious crime by attempting to purchase a firearm for someone who cannot legally possess one. We applaud and appreciate the support of the ATF for joining with members of our industry in this cooperative effort.” Read more




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