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The Reasonable Man Behind the Seattle Gun Ban Lawsuit

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The legal term pro se (meaning someone who forgoes a lawyer in order to represent themselves in court) is normally a handy way of identifying a kook. Someone who's crazy. A person usually only goes pro se after they've been turned down by every litigant in a tri-state area or because they think their case against the NSA can only be properly argued by the person actually being buzzed by the black helicopters.

Encountering a pro se plaintiff who's not nuts is rare. Which makes Bob Warden an anomaly.

And about thirty minutes ago he answered a call from The Daily Weekly and proved himself to be anything but crazy.While most people were still recovering from post-Thanksgiving gluttony hangovers, Warden and his adult son were out on a day trip. Their first stop: the federal courthouse, where they filed the lawsuit. Their second: Greg Nickels' house, where Warden's kid knocked on the door and served the mayor's son with the suit.

“Some families go shopping on Black Friday,” says Warden. “My family does this.”

Warden understands the conclusions most people would draw if they just heard a skeletal version of his story. Man walks into public place armed with pistol. Sues city. Must be one of those gun-nuts, right?

“If I didn't know me my knee-jerk reaction would be the same thing,” says Warden. “But I'm just someone who saw an opportunity to challenge what is a blatantly illegal thing.” Read more


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