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Ohio Restaurant Carry Bill Advances

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Current Ohio law prohibits firearms by law abiding citizens in almost any commercial establishment that serves alcohol for consumption on premises if anyone in the facility is consuming, even if the armed citizen is not. The only current exception for most people is retail stores such as a grocery store doing a wine tasting. In that situation, a person can carry as long as they do not drink any liquor.

HB 203 would extend that exception to restaurants, again provided that the person carrying a firearm for self-defense does not drink. In the map below (courtesy of, you can see that Ohio is one of only 8 states with a total prohibition. Most states have some provision for carrying a firearm in a restaurant, often with a stipulation to not consume alcohol while doing so.

Allowing a person the right to carry their firearm with them into such a restaurant not only continues to ensure their safety while dining, but also to and from the restaurant.

Any self-defense expert will tell you that a parking lot, particularly at night, is a favorite location for many crimes. Not only muggings, but also car break-ins. A firearm left in a vehicle can be easily stolen and used in future crimes. Keeping that firearm safely with the citizen keeps them safe and keeps the gun safe. Read more

Source: Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner


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