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Senator Ted Kennedy: A Legacy of Gun Control

Ted Kennedy: A Legacy of Gun ControlAfter four decades in the U.S. Senate, Ted Kennedy’s life ended, as all lives do, in death.  In his time in the Senate, he sponsored or pushed to make law virtually every piece of anti-gun legislation possible.

Anti-gunners have already started to seize upon his death and demand that various pieces of anti-gun, anti-freedom legislation be passed to “honor Ted Kennedy.”  I expect a major anti-gun legislative push as soon as Congress re-convenes in September.

Gun owners must not fall victim to a nostalgia surrounding a celebrity’s death that glosses over the harm done to the values we hold dear, and that our opponents ghoulishly seize upon to promote their agenda.

We must guard against the normal tendency to overdose on compassion when our enemies die; to search for the silver lining around a cloud of acid rain.  He was no friend to gun owners, the Constitution or American Liberty.

Ted Kennedy’s anti-gun, anti-freedom legacy may live on. But we have the opportunity to control just how much his specter haunts us from the grave. Read more


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