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Crimson Trace Laserguard Now Available For LCP II

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Crimson Trace has increased the low-light capabilities for one of the most popular lightweight, compact pistols with the release of its Laserguard for the Ruger LCP II.

Like a hammer on an anvil, numerous self-defense experts have pounded home the benefits of laser sights. While they’re no replacement for competent use of traditional pistol aiming systems, there’s little arguing they certainly do have their benefits. Chief among them, there is perhaps no more solid system to place rounds on target when light is scarce — and with adrenaline pumping — than these handy sights.

This is good news for fans of one of the most popular lightweight, compact pistols available today, since Crimson Trace recently drew a bead on adding greater low-light capabilities to their handguns. The Oregon manufacturer is now offering two laser sighting options for the Ruger LCP II, configured to seamlessly integrate into the petite pistol, upping its aiming aptitude.

Shooters can choose from red and green laser models of Crimson Trace’s Laserguard sight, configured to mount on the .380 ACP’s trigger guard. And toting one immediately will be a snap, given there are already a host of holsters on the market tailored to carry a LCP II decked out with the sight.

Like all the Laserguard series, the models destined for the compact Ruger pistol offer complete windage and elevation adjustments. And each laser sight comes outfitted with Crimson Trace’s intuitive Instinctive Activation control layout, which is a great advantage. Activated by a normal firing grip through a pressure switch on the front strap, the Laserguard snaps to life the instant it’s needed. This reduces the margin of error of having to fiddle with a button and makes utilizing the sight second nature.

The unit is also finished to blend in with the rest of the LCP II, stippled with the same unique pattern found on the pistol’s grips. It’s a small aspect of the Laserguard for sure. But the end result makes it look sharp and like a natural part of the pistol.

While identical in form and function, the two LCP II-compatible Laserguard models do have a bit of a price difference. The red laser (model LG-497) comes in with an MSRP of $229, while the green laser (model LG-497G) comes in at $309.

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