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Clarksville, Tennessee: Ban On Handguns Lifted At Most City Parks

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City Councilman Wallace Redd.

On a 9 to 3 vote, the City Council in Clarksville, Tennessee, recently lifted a ban on handguns in most of that city’s parks.

“In 2009, the state legislature passed a law permitting handguns in public parks, but included a provision allowing cities to opt out,” the Leaf Chronicle reported.  “Clarksville was one of about 70 [cities] to do so…”

Of note, “the resolution stopped short of an all-out repeal of the opt-out clause. The ban will remain in place at many parks, including the city’s largest two — Heritage and McGregor.”

Although a number of citizens had asked for the ability to practice concealed carry at city parks, citing personal safety concerns, council members who opposed the change insisted the parks were safe.  “Councilman Wallace Redd, who proposed the resolution, said that reasoning misses the point.”

“It is a Second Amendment issue,” Redd said. “You don’t have to have an opinion from the police chief that our parks are [or are not] dangerous.”

Councilwoman Kaye Jones’ constituents overwhelmingly supported lifting the ban against handguns.

“I have had more calls on this one item than anything else,” said Jones.

Source:  Leaf Chronicle 2/4/11:

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