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A Big Market for Used Law Enforcement Firearms

GlockNY-1-2Mark KittermanSummit Gun Broker, Grain Valley, Mo.

Summit Gun Broker specializes in buying up used law enforcement firearms and reselling them to individuals and gun shops.

The current top seller here, says owner Mark Kitterman, is the .40-caliber Glock 22, a Gen III, semi-automatic handgun. A recent sale on the Summit website had the Glock 22’s going for $309.

“I think a lot of agencies are looking at 9mm’s once again, and when they make the shift, we see a lot of these .40-cal Glock 22’s getting sold,” says Kitterman. “Actually, there’s so many used agency Glocks and similar polymer pistols out there, prices have gone down. I’ve seen Glocks drop about $50 over the last year.”

These Glocks tend to be in very good condition, he adds, as most agencies with a good inventory of the pistols have an employee who is also a certified Glock armorer. “They fix anything that goes wrong as it happens, and they are pretty good about doing regular maintenance on the pistols.”

The other used agency handguns Kitterman is seeing in good numbers are the SIG P226 and P229’s.

Recently, Summit bought up 1,000 shotguns—all Remingtons—from a very large agency making the switch from scatterguns to duty rifles. They sold out surprisingly fast, Kitterman notes, with the Wingmasters going for $165 each, the Police Magnums at $300.

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