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New Hampshire Home Invaders Shot By Victim

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Residents say it’s a normally quiet neighborhood, but Wednesday night police say three men forced their way into an apartment and attacked a man and woman inside. At least two of the robbers had handguns and were allegedly threatening the couple. At some point the male resident got hold of his own handgun and got into a scuffle with the intruders. Shots were fired and one of the robbers, Nathan Stringfield, 23, of Berlin, was hit and died at the scene.

Next-door neighbor Joe Gauthier was doing his dishes when the gunfight broke out.

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“I’d just shut the water off and I heard a gunshot so I ran to the side window which faces that building and looked out and saw a man on the ground there,” Gauthier said. “He was just lying there and the girl was screaming.”

Officials say the woman was the girlfriend of the man who lives in the apartment. She was inside when the armed intruders forced their way in.

“Once they went inside they assaulted the resident inside the apartment. The male resident managed to get his own firearm and that’s when the struggle and gunfight ensued,” N.H. Senior Assistant Attorney General Jeff Strelzin said.

The second intruder made it down the street and ran a few blocks on Western Avenue before going into a building. That’s where police found him suffering from multiple life-threatening gunshot wounds. Read more


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