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Police: Man Shoots At Intruder Who is Later Arrested

John Cole broke into an amputee's home and was met with hot lead from a .357 mag. He was later arrested.

Ferndale police said a 72-year-old man with an amputated leg shot at an intruder who was in his house early Thursday morning.

Police said the victim hear was woken up by noise inside his home at about 3:40 a.m.

The victim grabbed a .357 revolver and shot at the intruder when he came to his bedroom door, police said.Police said the victim missed the man, who he identified as a man from the neighborhood.

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John Robert Cole, 56, was arrested at a nearby 7-Eleven store, and officers found the victim's wallet in his pocket.

Police said Cole has been arrested several times in the last year and convicted of various misdemeanors. Read more


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