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ArmaLite 6.8MM Carbine Now Available

Armalite 6.8mm Carbine Now Available
Armalite 6.8mm Carbine Now Available

ArmaLite has announced that it is now accepting orders for its M-15A4 Carbine chambered in 6.8 SPC II. A very limited production run of this extraordinary firearm will begin in June, and will not be repeated in 2011. Interested shooters are encouraged to submit orders immediately as this run is expected to be completely pre-sold.

ArmaLite’s 6.8mm carbine is especially well-suited to hunting, the company says, and is powerful enough to meet the minimum energy requirements of many states  for taking medium sized game such as deer. At the same time, the 6.8mm is lighter than the 7.62, reducing the weight of ammunition carried into the field. As part of the AR-platform family, this carbine is also more versatile and ergonomic than traditional hunting models. The 6.8 is built with our mid-length handguard and gas system to provide the best in form and function.

More details about the Armalite 6.8mm Carbine:

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About: ArmaLite has one of the broadest product lines in the firearms industry. We manufacture and sell semiautomatic rifles in a variety of calibers including 5.56mm and 7.62mm, long range super-accurate bolt action rifles in calibers including .308 Winchester, 300 Winchester Magnum, 338 Lapua, and 50 BMG, and classic 9mm pistols.

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