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Anti-Gunners Counterattack on Gunwalker by Blaming Gun Laws, Smearing Issa

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“As the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform focuses on alleged failures of the U.S. Justice Department’s program to stop gun trafficking to Mexico, a new study by the Violence Policy Center (VPC) identifies the major force driving the criminal cross-border gun traffic: the gun industry’s cynical militarization of the U.S. civilian gun market,” a new Violence Policy Center  press release claims.

“Alleged.” Disgusting.  Josh Sugarmann should tell that to the survivors of slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.  As should Elijah Cummings, whose deliberate indifference two years ago to complaints by ATF agents of bureau corruption and abuse ago makes him culpable for the results—which is why he’s fighting so hard to derail the proceedings.

The gun “controllers” don’t really care about the issue except to exploit it to advance their citizen disarmament agenda.

So rather than demand the truth in allegations with supporting documentation by Bureau whistleblowers that the government allowed guns to “walk” into the hands of the Mexican cartels, VPC tells us “U.S. Civilian Gun Market Has Become a Militarized Bazaar.”  Even though plenty of evidence suggest true military armaments come from approved U.S. exports to the Mexican government, as well as via smuggling operations though Central America. Read more

Source: Gun Rights Examiner

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