SIG Sauer’s M400 Predator is a smooth-shooting carbine that’s well suited for hunting predators or for competitive shooting.
CMMG's new MkW-15 ANVIL offers plenty of firepower in a purpose-built AR-15 platform that has been designed to withstand the added stress of the .458 SOCOM.
Based on the VEPR AK, the Krebs Custom KV-13 is a fully modernized AK complete with Magpul furniture and the highest possible manufacturing quality available.
The new CZ 805 Bren S1 Carbine is a dependable, duty-inspired rifle that's a great option for those looking for an alternative to the AR.
Editor in Chief Eric Conn ventures out to the Arizona desert to shoot some Ruger firearms and drive some Yamaha utility vehicles.
The new Browning X-Bolt Long Range Hunter is a highly accurate rifle built for rugged field use and taking shots at a distance.
The Blaser R8 Professional S takes the company's legendary straight-pull design and places it in a no-frills rifle that offers ample performance.
DPMS GII rifles represent the perfect modern sporting rifles (MSRs) of the new millennium.
The new FN 15 Military Collector Series M4 and M16 are as close as a civilian can get to a real M4 or M16 without joining up.


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