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5 Reasons to Read Gun Digest Magazine

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Doug Howlett, Editor-in-Chief of Gun Digest the Magazine.

A note from Doug Howlett, Editor-in-Chief of Gun Digest the Magazine…

As firearms enthusiasts, each of us has a primary reason that brings us to the shooting table. For many it's self-defense. For others it's competition or to simply have fun. For a lot of souls for whom I am grateful—our nation's soldiers and law enforcement officers—it's professional. For millions of sportsmen, including myself, it's primarily hunting. Certainly, to hunt, has been my main impetus for being a firearms owner, but I have to confess, over the years, while my passion for the chase has not waned, my desire to shoot and write about and share information on a variety of guns with applications far beyond hunting has exploded. And It's been a glorious personal evolution, one that has opened my eyes and mind to so many incredible experiences and brought me in contact with some super talented and fascinating people.

What truly excites me, however, is the opportunity to interact with the readers of Gun Digest the Magazine and the visitors to, for in today's media world, each of us can play a part. This is certainly true in the shooting media, where the experiences and knowledge of many enthusiasts out there can sometimes rival that of a number of experts. Even if it doesn't, a particular experience can be shared with others to help all of us become better, safer shooters.

5 Reasons to Love the Newly Designed Gun Digest the Magazine

Have you checked out the new look for Gun Digest the Magazine that was rolled out in early 2013? Here are five reasons you should:

1. We've gone glossy and now look like a real magazine, not just some give-away tabloid at the local Quick Mart advertising happy hour specials and offering coupons to the local water park.

2. We've upped the coverage on hardware by providing more reviews on the latest guns, as well as spotlighting a broader range of shooting products and accessories. Our most recent issue hitting mailboxes this week focuses on tactical rifles with reviews on Del-Ton's DTI Evolution AR-15 style rifle, one that I personally got to shoot and am trying to get permission from the wife to buy (only if she gets to shoot it she says) and the ArmaLite AR-30A1 , one long-range tack-driving son of a gun. Issues in the coming months will feature coverage that will focus on shotguns, semi-auto handguns, hunting rifles and more. More gear coverage means you're more informed of what's available to make your shooting time more fun and productive.

3. We've got mad skills. Or at least our writers do and they want to share them with you. A number of Gun Digest contributors are firearms trainers and experts and they are happy to share that expertise with you. Want to learn to shoot better, read Gun Digest.

4. The pages are also filled with more great coverage and profiles on interesting shooters and experts, cool places to shoot, gun show event listings and even classifieds listing guns, accessories and other items for sale make Gun Digest one of the most unique and full-service firearms publications on the newsstand-or even better, arriving right in your mailbox. Tired of getting nothing but bills in your mailbox? Subscribe to Gun Digest and get that instead. We put out a new issue darn near every other week!

5. We don't just want you to read Gun Digest, we want you to be a part of it, too. Got a gun you've shot recently that you liked (or didn't)? Tell us what you thought and why. Same goes for ammo, gear, shooting ranges you've visited, you name it. Some of the best ways to learn more about shooting is from fellow shooters and Gun Digest welcomes your advice and insight in its pages.



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