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Breakdown On The Savage Arms 64 Takedown

Priced right, Savage's 64 Takedown offers a solid entry point for this style of rifle.

What the 64 Takedown brings to the table:

Historically, one of the most affordable rimfire rifles, the Model 64 has also proven among the most popular. Really, Savage Arms offers a deal most can’t refuse, pricing the semi-auto well under the $300 mark. Honestly, nearly any shooter can afford to add one to their collection, and still have ample funds for a mountain of ammunition.

If price alone hasn’t turned your head to the 64, the latest addition to the line might do the trick, particularly if you have an itch for a takedown rifle. Recently introduced, the 64 Takedown offers shooters a convenient and affordable option in this handy style of rifle. Coming in with an MSRP of $249, it easily ranks as one of the most affordable takedowns presently available. But it doesn’t stand on its near rock-bottom price alone.

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Savage Arms has whipped up what appears a solid system in the 64 Takedown, with the rimfire hitting all the right notes for this style of rifle. Chief among its assets, a straightforward and reliable takedown system. Taking down the rifle is simplicity itself, thanks to a well-knurled barrel nut, which only requires a couple twists to remove or install the 16.5-inch barrel. Furthermore, the gunmaker has made the 64 Takedown ready for action the minute the barrel goes on, placing both the front and rear sights on the barrel, so you never lose your zero. Same goes if you scope it, as it is drilled and tapped completely on the receiver.

When together, the rifle measures 36.25-inches long, and takes down to half that size, which is ideal. At this size, the 64 Takedown is a legitimate backpack gun for your next backcountry adventure or the perfect little something at the ready in your truck cab. But for the sake of simplicity, Savage includes an Uncle Mike's Bug-Out Bag with the gun, just in case you don’t have anything handy to tote it around.

Presently only offered in .22 LR, the rifle feeds off Model 64 detachable box magazines, nice given their availability. Additionally, it’s available in both left- and right-hand models.

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