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SCO15: The New AR-15 Lower From SilencerCo

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SilencerCo’s new SCO15 lower receiver can bring several desirable, non-standard features to your next AR build without breaking the bank.


SCO15 Extra Features:

SilencerCo, one of America’s premier silencer manufacturers, has recently decided to branch outside the realm of making guns quieter to try their hand at something a little more basic: AR-15 lowers.

With so many different AR lowers available, what makes the SCO15 special?

First, the not-so-special details. The SCO15 is built to mil-spec dimensions to be compatible with any common AR-15 components. It is constructed from 7075-T6 billet aluminum and finished with a type III hard coat anodization. This is all pretty standard, so now let’s get into what sets the SCO15 apart.

There is more reason to own an ambidextrous rifle than being left-handed. In the military, they teach soldiers how to fire their rifle with either hand in order to shoot from behind cover without exposing themselves to the enemy. Whatever your reasoning is for wanting an ambi lower, the SCO15 has you covered. Not only is the included, proprietary bolt catch fully ambidextrous, but the selector markings and QD sling cups are as well. With these features, the SCO15 can be assembled into a very versatile rifle that can be comfortably used from either shoulder.

It also includes an integral trigger guard which is larger than on standard lowers, providing more space for a gloved finger. This is presumably more durable as well since it is milled into the billet itself rather than being a separate piece.

The magwell is also flared to help expedite magazine changes.

There are other ambi lowers on the market, but they are typically either more expensive than the SCO15 or are similarly priced but have fewer features. At an MSRP of $249, the SCO15 is very competitively priced for what’s included in the package.

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