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Video: Staying Alive with the AR-7

Eugene Stoner is perhaps best known for designing what has become America’s most popular rifle — the AR-15. However, there is another creation of the renowned weapons designer that is held in high regard in many firearms circles — the AR-7.

The quirky rifle was designed with one purpose in mind, keeping downed U.S. Air Force crews alive. Nowadays, the firearm, chambered .22LR, is a popular choice with those heading into the backcountry or to remote areas. Sooch00 shows exactly why in the above video.

The You Tube gun guru does a solid job giving the history, specs and review of the now Henry Rifle-made AR-7. But it’s worth taking a moment to point out why this particular firearm's design has withstood the test of time.

In short, the rifle performs when put together and breaks down into a miniscule package. When the barrel and receiver are packed away into the stock, the 3.5-pound AR-7 measures in at just 16-inches. Few will argue, at that size and weight anybody can make space in their rucksack for a tool this important.

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