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Video: How to Make Fire Straws

How to Make Fire Straws

This video from Jim Cobb explains how to make a fire straw. It's a useful technique to learn because it offers a waterproof method of transport for tinder. It can also cut down on the amount of space tinder takes in a small tin.

For example, the photo at left is of a quick survival tin Living Ready staff made for a hiking trip. The tinder, cotton balls, takes up a significant amount of space. Turning these cotton balls into fire straws is one way to maximize efficiency inside that tiny tin.

How to Make Fire Straws: What You'll Need

Cut the straws to length to match the container they will be stored inside. Stuff the straws with cotton using the skewer. Melt the ends of the straws using the candle. Use the pliers to crimp the ends so they form a seal. Give the straws a minute to cool.

Now you have a waterproof, portable and efficient source of tinder. When it's time to use one, cut the fire straw open lengthwise and remove as much tinder as needed.

Learn More from Jim Cobb

Cobb is an all-around preparedness expert with a lot to offer. Be sure to check out his Online Course, How to Barter for Survival, for tips on navigating the barter economies that spring up after disasters. His 30-minute presentation, available as a video and as audio, also covers the items and skills to stock up on now for bartering later.

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