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Starline Brass Adds Two New Cases

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 One of Starline Brass new cases, the .30 Carbine.
One of Starline Brass new cases, the .30 Carbine.

Starline Brass serves the cutting edge shooter, no doubt. But the manufacturer has also always had a yen for the traditional. Just take a gander at the cases the Missouri company produces for old black-powder guns, if you need further proof.

Starline, however, has walked the line between mainstream and obscure with the latest additions to its catalog. While a .30 Carbine and 9mm Steyr might not be in every gun safe, both are not way out in right field, either.

The .30 Carbine is perhaps best known as the ammunition for the M1 Carbine. The dandy light rifle saw plenty of action with American forces, adopted in World War II and serving up to the Vietnam War. More recently, the round has been born again as a handgun cartridge in Ruger’s Blackhawk revolvers.

Those who have the venerable M1912 can rejoice, Starline Brass is now offering 9mm Steyr cases.

The 9mm Steyr had some success in the early 20th Century, most notably as ammunition for the Steyr M1912. The pistol was the Austria-Hungarian Empire’s and then Austria’s military service side arm, serving from 1912 until 1945. The 9mm Steyr also pulled duty as a submachine gun round, feeding MP34.

Starline’s brass is 70-percent copper and 30-precent zinc, which is vertically drawn to keep wall thickness consistent. The company anneals its cases between each draw to ensure its malleability and inspects each case between each step of the manufacturing process.

Presently, the MSRP for the .30 Carbine brass is $122 for a box of 500 and $226 for a box of 1,000. For the 9mm Steyr a box of 500 runs $97 and a box of 100 $170.

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