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Quick Slow-Cooker Survival Bread Recipe

low cookers aren't just for stews and meats. They're also for baking. Here's a survival bread recipe to get you started.
low cookers aren't just for stews and meats. They're also for baking. Here's a survival bread recipe to get you started.

It's a bit of an oxymoron to use the words “quick slow-cooker” in the name of this survival bread recipe. But that's exactly what this is: a quick way to make survival bread in a slow cooker (aka “crock pot”). The baking time may be long, but the prep time is lightning fast.

What is Survival Bread?

As explained in a previous post about survival bread recipes, there are two criteria that must be met for this type of preparedness food:

  1. The survival bread recipe must use only ingredients that can be stored for a long time.
  2. It must be cooked using basic appliances (i.e. nothing crazy about the baking methods).

As it often does, simplicity equals versatility when it comes to survival bread. This allows for endless experiments in the kitchen – indoors and out. The following is one of my favorite off-the-beaten path recipes.

Quick Slow Cooker Survival Bread Recipe

Don't expect the loaf to brown up as it would in the oven. It'll be pale as the flour you use.

Proof the yeast in the water for a few minutes. Add the flour, the salt and the sugar. Make a dough ball and set it on a greased piece of parchment paper that's a couple inches larger than the dough.

Turn the slow cooker on high and set the paper inside so it separates the pot from the dough. There's no need to let the dough rise before putting it in the slow cooker. Let the bread bake for 1.5 hours, or until a toothpick comes out of the middle clean. Make sure it's cooked completely or it'll turn out gummy.

This recipe turned out better than expected. The loaf was dense and moist, perfect for homemade jam.  Don't expect the bread to brown up, though. It'll likely be pale from top to bottom.

If you prefer a boost of flavor, add some dried spices. It'd be easy enough to whip up a sweet or herbed version.

Experiment with baking in your slow cooker. Unlike an oven, these handy gadgets don't suck a ton of power. Should you be running electricity through a generator, a slow cooker might  become your oven for every meal.

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