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Modern Shooter TV Episode: Cape Buffalo

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Modern Shooter T.V. is filled with more high-caliber episodes in its second season on the Sportsman Channel. Whether it’s an in-depth look at Navy SEAL marksmanship training or tangling with the world’s most dangerous game, the program explores some of the most unique, intriguing and heart-pounding corners of the shooting world.

On the next episode, Modern Shooter squares off with one of the most fearsome creatures from the Dark Continent — the Cape Buffalo. The show delves into the “dos” and “don’ts” to successfully pursue the 1,300-pound beasts, giving the audience a taste of an actual safari.

In addition to the tactics for harvesting what is known as “Black Death,” Modern Shooter also takes a look at the firearms used to pursue Cape Buffalo. The stunning and distinctive firearms showcased in the episode are not only some of the most sought after guns in the world. They also are among the most powerful a shooter might shoulder. Really, “big bore” is an understatement when it comes to these monsters.

New episodes of Modern Shooter air 8 p.m. ET Monday nights on Sportsman Channel, with an encore showing at 11 p.m. The shows then replay 12 p.m. on Thursday and 5 a.m. on Sunday.

Modern Shooter is produced for the shooters who look for the best in firearms programming and is sponsored by the top names in the firearms industry. Those sponsors include: Colt, FNHUSA, Aguila and H&H Precision.

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