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Mission Critical Kit Aims to Keep ARs Running in the Field

There is a little bit of everything in A*B Arms' Mission Critical Kit.
There is a little bit of everything in A*B Arms' Mission Critical Kit.

Part of owning a gun is keeping it running right through proper maintenance. For most, this means some quality time in their designated gun room pampering their baby.

Of course, whiling away the day on upkeep isn’t always an option. Whether it is tactical, competition or what have you, there are times that a vital part of a firearm needs to be fixed on the fly.

American Built Arms Company has come up with what appears to be an ingenious solution for just these situations. The Pennsylvania company’s A*B Mission Critical Kit shoots too keep AR-15-style rifles in the fight when in the field.

“There are hundreds of cleaning kits on the market today, but no real kit to help you replace mission-critical parts,” president and founder of A*B Arms Jason Combs said in a press release. “We wanted to design and manufacture a kit that would meet those goals. We accomplished that with the MCK.”

The kit comes with 13 items that are designed to tackle some of the most common failures of the AR system. This not only includes replacement parts, but also maintenance material and a little first-aid gear to boot.

The MCK includes:

Certainly the kit doesn’t cover every probable malfunction or failure that can occur. However, it looks as if A*B Arms has covered a lot of bases in keeping an AR running, particularly with the extra bolt assembly, firing pin parts and shell extractor.

The company has also thrown a few less intuitive items into the MCK, such as the gear bands and barrel cover. But, in a pinch and with a bit of lateral thinking they could be mission-saving equipment.

The Mission Critical Kit comes in a 5”x3.5”x1” black nylon case, which shouldn’t make it an imposition to tote along. The MSRP of the kit is $149.99.

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