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A Look at Leupold’s New MOA-based TS-32X1 Reticle

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Leupold TS-32X1 Reticle.

Trying to decode conflicting measurement systems on rifle scopes using MOA- turrets with Mil-based reticles is now a thing of the past on Leupold's line of optics thanks to their new TS-32X1 MOA-based reticle.

MOA-based reticles aren't new, but now Leupold is adding this option to its line of scopes with the introduction of the TS-32X1 reticle, a minute-of-angle (MOA) based system designed to allow for precision shots without the need for dial adjustments.

It features a heavy post and thin stadia crosshair with 1-MOA hashmarks on both the horizontal and vertical lines. Every other hash mark on the horizontal stadia is slightly longer, giving simple 2-MOA measurement reference. Every four MOA is indicated by a number.

The vertical stadia is also set up with 1-MOA tics and longer 2-MOA marks. In addition, every fourth mark is numbered, all the way to the complete 32-MOA elevation range. Wind dots in the lower half of the reticle are spaced in 2 MOA increments, both vertically and horizontally, very similar to the Horus Vision design that's become so popular.

This system allows for immediate and precise holdovers and wind holds as well as range estimation.

The TS-32X1 is the first in a family of MOA-based reticles that will cover several magnification ranges.

The bad news: As of the date of this writing, this new reticle is only available for most second (rear) focal plane VX-3, VX-III, Vari-X III and Mark 4 4.5-14 LR/T rifle scopes.

If you already own any of these models and want the TS-32X1 it can be retrofitted for $159.99 through the Leupold Custom Shop. To add the TS-32X1 to a new rifle scope ordered through the Custom Shop is $129.99.

The bad news is, my Mark 4 LR/T 10X40mm M3 will have to keep its Mil-based reticle awhile longer, which means I'll have to keep cranking on those 1-MOA turrets.

The good news is that the arrival of the TS-32X1 reticle means Leupold is listening to shooters. And they tell me the reticle will be available on additional models soon.

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