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Velocity Offering Economic Option in Drop-In Triggers

Velocity Triggers is offering shooters an affordable and what appears to be a well-built drop-in option.

Velocity Triggers is a new company, but it has deep roots. That is primarily due to Tom Vehr.

When it comes to the little, but key part that's responsible for a firearm going boom, there are few with resumes as long and illustrious as Velocity’s owner/operator.

He spent the first 13 years of his career directing Kinght Rifle’s trigger manufacturing, helping produce nearly a half a million units over that timespan. After which, he spent the next 14 years running all aspects of Timney Trigger’s operations — from design to tooling to testing.

Vehr’s experience and knowhow is now being applied to turning out a line of drop-in triggers for AR-style rifles. And one need not go any further than his product’s price tags to see he definitely has put his knowledge of triggers to good use.

Velocity’s line of five drop-in triggers all have an MSRP of $150. And it doesn’t take an exhaustive Google search to find multiple examples of the units moving for less than $100. That’s a heck of deal, given comparable triggers run around $50 more than Velocity’s MSRP.

Perhaps the best part, the company does not appear to have skimped on its product. Vehr has used top materials to turn out hissingle-stage triggers, which look ready for the long haul.

The trigger, hammer and disconnect should prove to be rugged, made from EDM wire cut tool steel. The assembly is constructed from 6061T6 billet aluminum, which is strong yet lightweight. Finally, the hammer and disconnect are finished with Robar’s NP3, which provides a smooth trigger pull and minimal cleaning.

Velocity is offering three different pull weights in its triggers — 3-, 4- and 4.5-pounds. It also has two styles, a traditional curved trigger and a straight trigger.

While triggers manufacturing is Velocity’s main concern, the company does have a number of other products. These include, lower assembly kits, firing pins and take down pins.

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