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New Guns: Uberti USA Releases Trio of Wild West Beauties

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Like well-worn saddle leather or a perfectly molded Stetson, there’s just something about guns of the Old West. For many shooters, the click of a bygone repeater’s hammer going on full cock or its report as it sends hot lead downrange still has a hero’s twang.

Perhaps nobody understood this better than Aldo Uberti. A world away from the dusty streets of Tombstone and Deadwood, the gunmaker created a little empire faithfully reproducing some of the 19th Century’s most famous firearms.

More than half-a-century later, the Italian manufacturer is still going strong. Imported exclusively through Uberti USA, the gun company is still churning out top-end classics, true to the originals and as trustworthy as an old paint horse. And for 2017, Uberti USA has a trio of firearms that any true Old West fan should be excited about.

Winchester 1886

Winchester 1886
Uberti USA is introducing two versions of this iconic John M. Browning designed rifle. Hunters have the choice of a full-sized Winchester 1886 Sporting Rifle or the compact 1886 Hunter Lite Rifle. Both are absolute beauties, decked out in a stick of A-Grade walnut and featuring deep, rich, color-case finishes. However, there are a few differences between the variants. The Lite model has a shaved down round barrel — 22 inches — compared to the 26-inch octagon barrel of the 1886 Sporting. And it has a shorter 3+1 capacity magazine, compared to the full-size’s 8+1. With a weight similar to a modern semi-automatic shotgun, the Lite model should be a trustworthy companion on hunts that push deep into the backwoods or sage brush. Like the original 1886, Uberti USA’s versions are big-bore rifles, chambered for the hard-hitting .45-70 Govt. The venerable round makes the rifle an all-around North American game getter, capable of handling everything from bear to whitetails. And the rifles are designed to handle Level 2 .45-70 Govt. loads (29,000 CUP/PSI max) and are rated for both smokeless and black powder. The guns’ receivers are drilled and tapped for Lyman peep sights, like the original 1886. And the repeaters come with Uberti USA’s exclusive 5-year warranty. The MSRP of the Sporting Rifle is $1,959 and the Hunter Lite is $1,899.

Nickel Finished Short Stroke SASS Pro

Nickel Finished Short Stroke SASS Pro
Uberti USA has expanded its cowboy-action shooting collection with a pistol designed to gun down top spots and look good along the way. The mirrored nickel finish and simulation ivory handles means the new Short Stroke SASS Pro is ready to play to the gallery with plenty of flash out of the holster. And it still has all the features that make the line a thoroughbred in cowboy shooting competitions. Chief among these is the short-stroke hammer, which reduces travel time 20 percent, making the revolver lightning fast. Furthermore, the spur is wider than most similar SASSs and features aggressive hand grooves, making the pistol a snap to cock in the heat of competition. An additional benefit of the low hammer is that it never obscures the sight picture even when fully down, ensuring fast and accurate target acquisition. The nickel-finished model is available in two calibers: the venerable .45 Colt and versatile .357 Magnum. And it comes with the choice of 4 ¾- and 5 ½-inch barrels. The six-shooter weighs in at a respectable 2.3 pounds and boasts a custom-grade mainspring. The MSRP on the revolver is $869.

Commemorative 1858 Buffalo Bill Limited Edition Revolver

Commemorative 1858 Buffalo Bill Limited Edition Revolver
Perhaps no one man did more to spread the lore of the Wild West than William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody. The former Pony Express rider, scout and buffalo hunter’s Wild West show celebrated the American Frontier and its personalities, making them legends worldwide. Uberti USA hasn’t forgotten the icon's legacy, celebrating it with a limited edition of the revolver Cody himself carried — the Remington Model 1858. The run of no more than 500 revolvers commemorates the 100-year anniversary of Cody’s passing and is decked out to get any collector drooling. The lavishly engraved cap-and-ball pistol features scrollwork on its frame, cylinder and barrel by the studio of master engraver Cesare Giovanelli. The 8-inch octagon barrel also has Buffalo Bill’s name on one side and his birth and death dates on the other. Chambered for the original .44 caliber, the revolver mimics Cody’s sidearm, boasting ivory handles — Uberti, however, uses simulated ivory. It has a number of other accoutrements certain to capture enthusiasts' eyes: rich deep blue finish, color-case hammer and brass trigger guard. The pistol has an MSRP of $1,049. Given the original is priceless, that’s a steal.

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