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Caldwell Releases AK-47 Mag Charger Keeping hungry AK-47's well fed.

If there is one shortcoming to semiautomatic rifles, it’s loading magazines. It only takes a wink of an eye to empty one, but a perturbing long stint to re-juice it.

Caldwell, however, has made this process a much shorter ordeal with its Mag Charger. The company introduced the handy gizmo a little more than a year ago for AR-15-style rifles, and now it has turned its attention to another popular semi-auto.

The subsidiary of Missouri-based Battenfeld Technologies recently introduced the AK-47 Mag Charger, giving owners of the iconic firearm what appears to be a quick and easy way to get an empty magazine back in action.

The device is designed to process 50-round batches from the ammo box into magazines. And it appears to be a snap to operate.

The tips of the bullets are simply aligned with the holes in the Mag Charger, and then dumped in. The rounds are automatically indexed into rows of five, which are then quickly pushed into a magazine each time the loading plunger is depressed.

If the unit lives up to Caldwell's billing, it could be a marvelous time saver. In a press release, the company states it can dispense a full 50 rounds in less than 15 seconds, this includes changing out a magazine.

There is some reason to believe the new accessory should perform, given the accolades the earlier iteration earned. Caldwell’s original AR-15 Mag Charger was well receive when it was introduced, earning the NRA’s Golden Bull’s Eye for Accessory of the Year.

As a nice touch, the company has made the device compatible with any AK magazine, no matter the material it’s made from or its capacity. AK-47 Mag Charger is made of a durable polycarbonate plastic that it designed to take a beating. Presently the MSRP of the device is $99.99.

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