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AK-47 Shoot: Arsenal SLR-107 Rapid Fire Practice Run

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Many people prefer the AK-47 platform to the AR-15, while others view it on par with ARs. Others say it's outdated. Watch this video demonstration of an Arsenal SLR-107FR AK-47 in action and make up your own mind.

“It is probably my favorite overall AK rifle right now,” writes Kal Kidd, “even over my Pre-Ban Yugo M70B1.”

Rifle: Arsenal SLR-107FR 7,62x39mm
Red Dot: Primary Arms Micro Dot
Optic Mount: RS Regulate AK300 Rear Mount w/ Micro Dot Adaptor
Mags: Russian/Soviet Izhmash Bakelite AK47 Mags
Chestrig: StrikeHard AK Chestrig
Head-wear: Soviet Naval Admiral Pilotka(side cap) type 1

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