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Modern Shooter: The Proper Defensive Handgun Grip

From pistols to rifles, it's all about positioning and working to get a grip on this week's episode of Modern Shooter.

Get a grip! It’s not just good advice for those who have a tendency to lose their cool, but it also provides the perfect foundation of effective defensive pistol craft. When the chips are down, a solid and proper grip initiates an entire sequence of movements that, in the end, can ultimately wind up saving your life or those of your loved ones.

Phil Massaro delves into the minutia of grip, presentation, efficient kinetics, body position and much more on a recent trip to Double Eagle Tactical Training in this week’s Modern Shooter. The defensive shooting school, located in New York’s Catskill Mountains, specializes in rigorous, true-to-life situational training. Essentially, the concern hones armed citizens’ decision-making skills to a razor's edge. But as the above clip shows, they also ground students in the fundamentals of combat handgunnery, ensuring that when the decision to use righteous deadly force is made, it is fully executed without flaw.

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