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Modern Shooter: 500-Yard Pokes At A Moving Target

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See if you have what it takes to make this challenging long-range shot on the next Modern Shooter.

Today’s gun media talks about it like it’s a cakewalk with extra icing, but 500-yards is a long shot by anyone’s account. You’d better have your DOPE straight and your nerves steady if you expect to beat the distance and ring steel. Brass tacks, the range is a challenge in and of itself. Add movement in, it’s an entirely tougher nut to crack.

Truer to what a marksman might actually encounter in the field, a moving target is a magnitude or ten more difficult to drop a round in on than a silhouette picketed to terra firma. Not only do you have to account for bullet drop and all your usual environmentals, you’ve got to do it on where a target is going to be, not where it is. At its essences, it’s shooting ghosts.

That’s a tall task, and there’s nothing like friendly competition and personal bragging rights to dial up the pressure in accomplishing the feat. Will Renke and Ben Stacy of Guns Daily, lay their chips on the table and butt head to see who’s top dog in this challenging shot. And from a high, rocky Colorado ridge, there's little doubt the heat is on between the two friends. No spilling the beans on who comes out on top, but suffices to say there is no loser, given what might be the ultimate consolation prize.

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