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Video: The Guns That Made It Through 9/11

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Beaten and battered, these 9/11 survivors serve as a tribute to the heroism of first responders that day.

As expected from a renowned institution such as the NRA Museum, there is an arsenal’s worth of world-class and pristine guns. Yet, among the most cherished firearms in the collection are two that break that mold. They are beat-up, scorched and bearly met what would most consider the definition of a gun any longer. Yet, their history and what they survived make them as unique as the men who carried them.

New York Police Officers Walter Weaver and John D’Allara each rushed into the World Trade Center after the terror attacks of 9/11. Working to save trapped victims, like many first responders that day, ended up costing both them their lives when the towers collapsed. Recovered from the ashes, Weaver’s Model 640 backup revolver and D’Allara’s 5906 service pistol now hold places of honor in the Museum’s law enforcement display.

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Finishes fire stripped and frames battered, the handguns aren’t much to look at, especially if you heart thumps over the expertly maintained. But aesthetics are beside the point with these guns. Beaten as they may be, the guns speak volumes to the valor and courage shown in the face of one of the country's most tragic events. And they go way beyond the men who carried them, serving as a reminder of all the men and women who lost their lives so others might survive. 

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