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Video: The Basics Of A Strong-Hand-Only Draw

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A basic skill, learning strong-hand-only draw, presentation and shooting ensures you're never out of the fight.

Ideally, we’ll have both hands at our disposal when we draw our concealed carry pistol. In reality, there’s a good chance we’ll only have one to work with. There are a multitude of scenarios that potentially put only one hand at our disposal. It could be shielding a child or loved one from danger or an injury that denies us use of that particular hand. Either way, incapacitation can’t stand in the way of self-defense, which makes it wise to learn how to draw and present our defensive arm with one hand.

Jamey Caldwell, an instructor at 1-Minute Out and former special operator, covers the fundamentals of a strong-hand-only draw. This is the first of two videos covering this topic, we’ll follow up later with training on a support-hand-only draw. Either case, it’s challenging but doesn’t veer too far off typical draw from concealment techniques.

In synopsis, the main challenges to a strong-hand-only draw are clearing garments and trigger control. The latter is especially touchy, given all your grip pressure comes from your dominant hand, which can hamper the fine motor control of the trigger finger. Caldwell gives advice on overcoming both of these in the video. Left unsaid, though evident in his demonstration, your stance likely will have to modify to shoot accurately one-handed, as well.

Sufficed to say, practice is the key to master the strong-hand-only draw, presentation and shooting. So make certain you spend time at the range and in your dryfire regimen honing this skill.

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