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Video: Simple Trick To Shoot Center Mass Every Time

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A simple stencil in the shape of a sight picture could get you shooting the stuffing out of center mass on your next trip to the range.

Pick-up any book dealing with concealed carry or self-defense shooting and there’s a good chance they’ll contradict each other on 101 different points. From caliber to gear to the best apparel, they’ll chip at each other like old men debating the designated hitter. But get to the part about bullet placement and they'll sing in better harmony than a church choir.

There’s a reason for near discipline-wide accord, quite simply it is the most important aspect of an actual defensive shooting itself. If a bullet doesn’t hit center-mass vitals, there is a fair chance you’ve lost the game. And there are no participation trophies in a lethal-force encounter.

Hence the reason why, as armed citizens, we spend countless hour’s honing our shooting skills, fretting over minutia, until placing rounds high-center mass is as natural as breathing. But for those new to handguns, getting peace-of-mind cloverleaf groups to sprout where they’ll save lives can be a painful process. For the gun world’s newly anointed, sights are bedeviling and play nasty tricks between alignment and trigger pull.

Defensive shooting instructor Michelle Cerino has a simple remedy for this off-the-mark shooting — sight-picture stencils. When you think about it, blacking out the exact area where a shooter needs to aim is almost forehead-slapping obvious. How else are they going to learn their shooting geography without road markers to point the way?

With this method there is little confusion where to aim, after all, it’s right in front of the shooter, literally in black and white. Additionally, it has potential for a more seasoned shooter as a diagnostic tool. With everything perfectly in line, but rounds not hitting, it might be perfect for ferreting out flinch or an off trigger pull.

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