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Video: Properly Shooting From Behind Cover Or Concealment

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There's more to using cover and concealment than just getting behind one or the other.

Duck and cover, right? If properly utilizing cover and concealment were only that simple. Like all things self-defense, correctly using a barrier and even returning fire from behind it is as nuanced as the perfect holster.

Lek Nazi, owner-operator of New York’s Double Eagle Tactical Training, goes over some of the finer points of shooting from behind a wall, car or what have you. Simple as it might sound, what the former law enforcement professional’s advice boils down to is giving yourself room to operate. Given human nature and the direness of the likely situation, it’s tougher than you might think.

Imagine you were in a lethal-force encounter and you made it to solid cover, what would your instincts compel you to do? Odds are you'd hug it like you were graffiti. An understandable reaction, but one that puts you at a distinct disadvantage if you have to return fire or do much else. Take extending your arms in full to shoot your handgun, it's near impossible in this position. In turn, you’d end up exposing more of your body to get your pistol into the fight. Not a prime proposition.

A little breathing room between you and your barrier does wonders, giving you observation and operating room, while keeping you out of a direct line of fire. Not to mention, if things go south you’re in a better position to bug out.

Mild consideration, giving yourself space behind cover or concealment makes a world of sense. But don’t expect it to be intuitive. Like all things self-defense, much of the challenge is overcoming natural reactions to fast and stressful situations. And as we all know, there’s only one way to achieve that – training and plenty of it.

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