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Video: H&K’s VP9 And VP9 SK Stand Out In The Crowd

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As intuitive to manipulate as they are to shoot, the VP9 and VP9 SK are designed so the masses can master them.

Its name suggests a handgun for the masses. Put another way, just a face in the crowd. Yet, get on the business end of Heckler & Koch’s “Volkspistole” and you’ll soon discover the striker-fired is most definitely in a class of its own.

As expected from the German concern, the VP9 has built a reputation for accuracy and comfortable ergonomics. But the area where the 9mm, polymer-framed heater excels, perhaps more so than anything else in this saturated end of the market, is ease of use. Fully ambidextrous, the VP9’s controls are suited for righties and lefties, or those who shoot from their support hand on a regular basis. Beyond that, the paddle magazine release and slide lock are sized so you can’t miss them, while not so ostentatious to cause issues on the draw. Once familiar, the H&K system can cut precious seconds off a reload, making it one of the fastest pistols to get back into the fight. For an added measure of manipulation, the VP9 also boasts accentuated charging handles at the rear of the slide, giving a bit more to work with when racking the slide or on a press-check.

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Turning a fine eye to hand feel, H&K has put plenty of thought into the grip of the VP9 and, for that matter, the VP9 SK (the sub-compact variant). Fine pebbling, on the sides and finger grooves, gives a firm positive grip, ensuring the pistol stays put. Furthermore, a replaceable backstrap system (small, medium and large panels) tailors the pistols to your hand size.

While running at the high end of the striker-fired market, the VP9’s MSRP is a little north of $700, shooters get every penny out of the pistol’s performance.

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