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Video: Challenging Your Handgun Skills With The Shadowland Drill

Richard Mann’s Shadowland Drill sharpens important handgun skills in a single course of fire.

If you played football at some time in your life, you most likely remember the Oklahoma Drill. Ball runner and tackler lie on their backs, 15-yards apart or so. On the whistle, they pop up and go at each other in a semi-open field situation. It’s a classic. Yet, does it really mimic what happens in a game?

Not really. But that doesn’t mean the time-tested – and absolutely fun – bit of gridiron training wasn’t without merit. It built situational awareness, the ability to make split decisions and forged physical and mental toughness. The same might be said of Richard Mann’s “Shadowland Drill”.

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Certainly, the former law-enforcement officer and self-defense instructor’s personal-defense drill far from mimics most lethal force events. Yet, for one drill there a number of important skills you can sharpen by running the Shadowland Drill. Among these include accuracy, target transition and tactical reloading. Additionally, given the time element, the drill also puts the pressure on your performance. Needless to say, that’s generally not the case if you’re simply popping off from the firing line at your local range.

Yes, the Shadowland Drill is to self-defense what the Oklahoma Drill is to football. But in the end, both improve necessary skills for each discipline.

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