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TacStar Releases New Stōn Camo on Tactical 10/22 Stocks

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TacStar’s new Stōn Camo adaptive tactical stock isn’t just meant to help shooters blend in, but also help improve their accuracy.
TacStar’s new Stōn Camo adaptive tactical stock isn’t just meant to help shooters blend in, but also help improve their accuracy.

TacStar's new Stōn Camo stocks give shooters a solid option to blend in with their surroundings.

When it comes to customization, there a few firearms that hold a candle to the AR-15. But Ruger’s 10/22 gives America’s most popular rifle a run for its money.

The august rimfire rifle can be born again to tackle nearly any chore demanded of it — from precision plinker to trusty hunting partner. And recently, TacStar has introduced an upgrade for the .22 LR that should help it do its job better, especially if its task has a tactical flare.

The subsidiary of Connecticut manufacturer Lyman has expanded its adaptive tactical stock selection with a slew of new camouflage patterns. The Stōn Camo comes in nearly every color and configuration to blend into any terrain.

The camouflage features variable depth in its pattern and the inclusion of elements naturally found in the environments they'll operate. This combination of features alone appears to give the rimfire a leg up. There are, however, other aspects to the Stōn Camo stocks that should get shooters on target.

For those with a takedown model of Ruger’s 10/22, there Stōn Camo adaptive tactical stock options for you.

Perhaps one of the most useful is the M4 type buttstock, a feature that allows the length of pull to be adjusted. This is definitely a nice touch for larger-framed shooters who often times find the 10/22 runs on the small side.

The stock has a pistol grip, allotting more control over the rifle. But this feature also is designed to help execute precision shots, with the addition of TacStar's adjustable monopod. Used in conjunction with a bipod, this adjustable accessory helps the 10/22 achieve near perfect three-point stability on any surface.

The Stōn Camo stock also allows for the quick addition of accessories, outfitted with a Picatinny rail on the forend. This feature is reversible and can be turned over to so that it matches the rest of the stock when the rail is not needed.

The stock has a removable barrel insert that allows it to fit a standard barrel or it can be removed to accommodate a .92-inch bull barrel.

TacStar’s Stōn Camo stocks come in four patterns: Coyote, Moss, Cobalt and Lava. The tactical stock for a standard 10/22 has an MSRP of $169.95, while the takdown model runs $189.95.

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