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Beretta USA Announces Enhanced 1301 Tactical Shotgun

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Reliable, fast and high-capacity, the new enhanced 1301 Tactical 12-gauge from Beretta USA is loaded with features that make operating easy.

Enhanced 1301 Tactical Features:

People can’t help but compare the Beretta 1301 to its iconic older cousin—the Benelli M4. While they are certainly similar in many ways, and both shotgun brands are owned by the same parent company, there are plenty of design differences between the two guns. The legendary Benelli M4 has a lot going for it, but many who have had extensive trigger time on both models have claimed that the 1301 is better in many ways. Now, following several upgrades and refinements, the enhanced 1301 Tactical is in an even better position to give the M4 a run for its money.


While the original 1301 Tactical was appreciated by many, it did have some shortcomings. Its BLINK gas system is ultra-fast and reliable, but that only means that it takes even less time to empty the gun’s tube. Because the original 1301 only had a five-shell capacity, the enhanced 1301 Tactical now comes from the factory with a 7-shot tube. The new barrel clamp also has MLok slots and QD sling cups, similar to the aftermarket accessory that was the go-to option for the original 1301.

The bolt release, safety and charging handle are also all enlarged and aggressively textured for easier operation.

1301 Tactical Options

The stock choices for the enhanced 1301 Tactical have been increased while the finish choices have been reduced. The first generation 1301s were available with either black, FDE or OD green Cerakote finishes, but the new enhanced model is so far only available in black. For a $20 higher MSRP, however, the enhanced 1301 Tactical is now also available with a Mesa Tactical Urbino pistol grip stock. This gives the shotgun an even more tactical appearance reminiscent of a Benelli M4 while also improving ergonomics and control. The Mesa Tactical Urbino stock is also adjustable for length of pull, drop and cast.

The enhanced 1301 Tactical also has a cold hammer-forged, back-bored barrel that greatly reduces recoil and muzzle flip.

This sleek 12-gauge just got sleeker, and it’s packed with features and upgrades that make it a contender for one of the world’s top combat shotguns. Like the original 1301, the enhanced 1301 Tactical is extremely reliable, very fast cycling and simple to operate. Its ability to accept modern optics, accessories and slings combined with its now upgraded magazine capacity make the enhanced 1301 Tactical one formidable shotgun.

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