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SHOT 2015: Stack-On Upgrades Handgun Safes with Electric Entry

Stack-On upgrades: Left – Security Safe with biometric key; Right – Quick Access Safe with keypad entry.

Upgrading two of its standby lines of handgun safes, Stack-On has made securing a firearm, while keeping it accessible, a snap.

The Illinois company introduced electronic entry model of its Quick Access and Security Safes at the 2015 SHOT Show. Both lines now boast the option of keypad or biometric entry, which making the right person getting at a firearm nearly as simple as pointing.

For both safes, the biometric option is programed to read the owner’s fingerprint with the touch of a button. The keypad, on the other hand, differs a bit between each line.

Quick Access Safes, have three and four button keypads, both of which are backlit for use in low-light situations. The Security Safe, on the other hand, had a nine-key pad for the added security of a longer combination.

The safes' MSRP were unavailable at time of writing.

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