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Bushnell Adds Red-Dot Sight to Tactical Optics Line

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Bushnell has made a name for itself in the tactical world.

The Kansas manufacturer’s Elite Tactical scopes have won kudos from shooters who aim to knock the X out of targets two counties over. As effective as this line has proven to be, however, there was a glaring hole in it. There was nothing for shooters whose applications were up close and personal, requiring fast and accurate target acquisition.

That has all changed with Bushnell’s newest optic making the Elite Tactical line more useful than every before – no matter the distance at which a shooter needs to hit. The Close Quarters Tactical Sight is the first red-dot sight in the line and with the name Elite Tactical tied to it, it comes with everything a shooter might want out of a low-powered optic.

Like the other Elite Tactical optics, the 1x32mm CQTS is built to tight specs boasting the same professional grade, field-tested standards of the rest of the line. This includes high-end multi-coated lenses for a clear and bright sight picture, housed in a rugged tube ready to absorb the roughest handling.

The fixed-power optic has the sighting features that make it useful in tactical or competitive situations. It has a precise 3 MOA red dot, allowing a tight bead on a target. And the CQTS is set up to handle nearly any environmental conditions with eight brightness setting.

The optic is also engineered to go above and beyond for nighttime applications. The CQTS has three brightness setting specifically designed to work in conjunction with night-vision devices.

Like the rest of the Elite Tactical line, the CQTS is constructed to withstand abuse. It has a durable 30mm tube and features rubber-armored, tethered turret caps. And the sight includes a rugged one-piece cantilever mount and flip-up lens caps to protect the optic during transport.

The optic can also be quickly and easily added to almost any firearm. The CQTS is compatible with both Picatinny rails or Weaver-style bases.

This is not the first red-dot sight Bushnell’s has produced. The CQTS is probably most closely related to the TRS-25 HiRise AR optic. But the new red-dot sight comes in at a bit higher price point than the relatively inexpensive cousin with an MSRP of $349.

If, however, the optic is anything like the rest of the Elite Tactical line it is certain to earn its keep.

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