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New Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle III

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The Baby Desert Eagle III offers shooter a more streamlined option.
The Baby Desert Eagle III offers shooters a more streamlined option.

The new Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle III gives shooters a slimmed down option in the popular line. The double-action pistol is available in 9mm, .40 Smith & Wesson and .45 ACP.

Streamlined is most definitely a relative term when Magnum Research uses it.

The Minnesota-based subsidiary of Kahr Arms is known for some of the biggest and baddest handguns around. But the company has taken its best crack at slimming down one of its most popular pistols to it a bit more manageable.

The New Baby Eagle III is still a handful compared to nearly every other semiautomatic on the market. However, when measured against its Desert Eagle brethren, the pistol has definitely found some weight savings.

In particular, Magnum Research has slimmed the slide and frame of the pistol considerably. This economy of material shaves nearly an ounce off the handgun, compared to the Baby Desert Eagle II.

Even with the new handgun putting the line on a diet plan, the pistol is still hefty. The example the company gave in its announcement was a full-sized, steel-framed 9mm, which it listed at 38 ounces.

This variation also has some sizable dimensions, measuring in at 8 inches in overall length, with a 4.43-inch barrel and a 1.31-inch slide width.

That example, however, is on the extreme end of things when it comes to the Baby Desert Eagle III. There are lighter-weight options in the line with the company offering polymer-framed and semi-compact models.

Magnum Research’s new Baby is available in three of the most popular pistol calibers — 9mm, .40 Smith & Wesson and .45 ACP. Given the pistol’s size, it should be dynamite at deadening recoil, in turn it should make any chambering a real smooth shooter.

Like earlier iterations of the pistol — all patterned after the CZ 75 — the latest Baby Eagle features a double-action/single-action trigger. In short, this means on the first trigger pull the gun operates as a double-action pistol. After this, the hammer is cocked and the gun works as a single-action.

Those who know Baby Desert Eagles won’t be surprised the double-action pull is substantial. Similar to the rest of the family, it requires 12 pounds of pressure to fire. But, as a single-action the trigger-pull weight is a much more manageable 4 pounds.

Similar to earlier versions, the Baby Desert Eagle III has some ambidextrous controls. In particular, the pistol’s decocking lever is situated on either side of the slide. The magazine release, however, is only found on the left side of the firearm.

The Baby Eagle III should win the hearts of those who find accessories a must. The gun features a rail under the barrel, making the addition of a flashlight or a laser sight a snap.

The gun is set to start shipping in June and has a MSRP ranging from $646-$691, depending on model.

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